Navigating The New Yat

The New Yat brings some new and exciting features to your dashboard. Below we have explained some of the features 

The Liquid ID

A minimized version of your Liquid ID is located on the top left of your Yat dashboard. Click on it to edit or view a larger version. Learn more about the Liquid ID here

Yat Username Dropdown

Your Yat username is the primary way to for others to find you in pods, Usernames are also used to invite new members to existing pods. If you have multiple Yats, you can select any one Yat as your Username. This can be done by clicking on the Yat Username dropdown


See your Yat profile & build with The New Yat


The Pods section is the default view of the Yat dashboard. Click here to view support articles for Yat Pods


The settings dropdown gives you a range of options to manage your Yat account.

Wallet Manager

Connect, disconnect, and manage all of the wallets associated with your Yats

Create Yats

Head to Yat creator page and make a new awesome Yat