Why Yat?

When we think about the problem space for Yat, we think about the following: - It's near impossible to have a universal identity on the internet today. You have to manually register on every platform past, present, and future and hope and pray you are able to get the same username - user names are highly limited. In 4 alphanumeric characters, there are only 1.6MM possible combinations, and there are only ~4000 english words that are 4 characters long.

As a result, the best user names go extremely fast. - user names are not expressive. You can express far more ideas with fewer characters with a Yat then you will ever be able to with text. Now it's true that emojis are more difficult to use on a desktop, and that is absolutely where there are opportunities for lots of innovation. Better software keyboards, maybe possibly hardware keyboards etc. and on mobile there is also ample room for opportunity. Like with anything unique,

Yats appeal to those of us who can stretch our minds a bit to see how a different paradigm is more fun, more expressive, and ultimately a better form of identity.

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