How will new emojis be introduced into the Yat set?

The Yat emoji set will always be very constrained due to the similarity, security, and compatibility challenges associated with the majority of Unicode emojis. That being said, we have been open to periodically adding emojis to the Yat set based on some key parameters:

1. Re-evaluation of emojis. None of this is an exact science, and sometimes we overlook emojis that can actually be in the Yat set.

2. Compatibility shifts. As folks around the world upgrade their devices, new emojis can be added to the Yat set

3. Evolution of  Unicode. As Unicode adds new emojis, we will then be able to add some subset of new emojis over time as well. We will never retire emoji from the Yat set as that would mean some Yats would no longer be functional.

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