Where is my Prism Key? I can't find it!

A Prism Key is either OPENED or SEALED.

If you elected to OPEN it, it no longer exists to be opened again or transferred. You should have already received an email with a video revealing your 2 Yats (see example below). Your 2 Yats now visible in your Yat dashboard.

If you defaulted to SEALED or elected to keep it SEALED then your Prism Key is currently safely assigned to your account to be opened at any time in the future or transferred. HOWEVER it is currently NOT visible in your Yat dashboard. We are working to make it visible in the future and will let you know when that is complete.

Much of this information was communicated on April 5th in an email with the subject line: Yat 💯 Destiny is over! What’s next?

Below is the contents of that email in its entirety for your reference.

Thank you to each and every one of our Prism Key holders for making Yat 💯 Destiny a success.


A large number of you have reached out requesting that we keep your Yat 💯 Prism Key’s SEALED.

To ensure we don’t make any mistakes with your Prism Keys, we are going to modify our process: Now we are going to default to keeping your Prism Key sealed. If you want it OPENED, please reply to this email.

Here are some things to keep in mind when making your decision.

  • A Prism Key contains 2 randomly generated Yats based on the Rhythm Score odds outlined at here.

  • Each Yat is a Generation Zero Yat, regardless of when it is opened.

  • The Yats are already assigned to the Prism Keys and reserved. They will never change.

  • If you elect to open your Prism Key you will receive a video just like this one

  • The Yats contained within your Prism Key will be assigned to your wallet when the email is sent, not when you play the video. You are welcome to share the video you receive as you wish.

  • If your Prism Key is elected to be opened the key itself can no longer be transferred. Only the Yats contained in it may be then transferred.

  • If you elect to keep your Prism Key sealed you will not be sent a video until you (or whoever ultimately owns it) elects to open it.

  • Sealed Prism Keys will not show up in your wallet at this time, but we are working to show them in your wallet soon. Rest assured, sealed Prism Keys are associated with your wallet until you elect to open it (just let us know by email when you are ready) or transfer it to someone else.

  • If you would like to transfer a SEALED Prism Key to another person, please see the article here

  • Lastly, we get this question a lot. Why would I keep it sealed? Think about it like a pack of baseball cards. Yat 💯 Destiny Prism Keys may or may not be more valuable to you SEALED down the road. It’s up to you to decide whether to open your Prism Key or keep it sealed.


If you choose OPENED – by responding with OPENED to this email – Please expect to receive your Prism Key as soon as today Monday, April 5th, but possibly as late as Wednesday, April 7th. Your Prism Key will be sent by email as soon as it’s ready.

If you choose SEALED (or have previously chosen sealed) no response to this email is needed. We will only email you about Prism Keys again if there are updates on how to view them in your wallet.

REMEMBER: You will not be able to see your Prism Key in your wallet if you keep it sealed at this time, but rest assured it will be assigned to your wallet and available to open or transfer at any time by simply responding to this email or emailing destiny@y.at from your Yat wallet email address.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this. We want to ensure that we are honoring your requests with your historic Yat 💯 Destiny Prism Keys. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


  • For odds information on the Prism Key, see here.
  • For odds information on the Prism Case, see here.
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