How do I know that I am worthy of a Gem?

Every decision you ever made, no matter how small, got you to where you are right now. And while the end destination is easily remembered, shouldn't the journey that got you here be honored? Gems will give you a voice so you can finally share this story. Connect your wallet and then gaze into The Magic Mirror as it gazes back at you. If a moment in your past catches its stare, The Magic Mirror will offer a precious and highly scarce Gem.  

You might have been the first in a community to mint an asset and continue to hold it with diamond-laden hands. Or you might have been one of the first degens to stake magic internet money in a turbo Ponzi and survived to tell the tale.  Or you might have owned a specific Token during a special moment on the blockchain. Gem-worthy moments are as diverse as your rich past, so gaze into The Magic Mirror and see what awaits.

Do not be discouraged if The Magic Mirror does not identify a Gem-worthy moment in your history. Your digital past is complex, and The Magic Mirror has yet to peel back all of its many many layers...

Your future is bright, and more opportunities await. Those who are perceptive may decipher The Magic Mirror’s tweets for clues (@magicmirror) or by joining our community on Discord to tune into the whispers of Gems and other secrets to be decoded. 

While we are a community of Yat creators, a Yat account is NOT required to own a Gem.