How to mint Your Yat on Opensea

HUGE THANKS to Spaid, who wrote the original version of this walkthrough and agreed to allow us to adapt it. The Yat Community makes us who we are! 

There are a few steps involved in minting your Yat on OpenSea. It is important to note that as of 31 July 2021, you are required to connect an ETH wallet known as MetaMask to mint. You will use this wallet to mint your Yat, and you will get paid into this account if your Yat is purchased.

You can follow our instructions here to download and install MetaMask on your browser or mobile device.

Note: To mint your Yat, you will need at least some ETH in your MetaMask wallet to pay your gas fees.

Visualizing your Yat

Our full article on how to Visualize your Yat is available right here.

The Visualizer can be found on your Yat Dashboard. It will say "Not yet Visualized" at first. After you click the box, the Visualizer will open. Be sure to try all the different cool options, and check back later. You can revisualize your Yat as many times as you'd like until you mint it, at which point your decision is finalized.

Notice the green dot on the "Visualizer" tile, as is mentioned below.

Completing the Visualization

When you click the "Finish" button, you can download your visualized Yat to share. It is not minted on the ETH network yet at this point. The little green dot next to the word "Visualized" indicates that you are good to go to the next step. If the dot is blue, the visualization is still in process. You will need to refresh the Dashboard to see if this color changes.

Visualizer Hint: If you choose spinning emojis, OpenSea may take a picture to display with one of your emojis sideways where it cannot be seen.

Are you sure you're ready to mint your Yat?

Minting Yats carries an additional cost. 

Currently, Yats can be minted on Ethereum Mainnet only. Yats On the ETH network, Gas fees may be more than a Yat is worth. Gas fees can vary wildly depending on how busy the network is and can be as little as just about $5 and as much as $50. The Ethereum network charges gas fees to prevent bad actors from spamming the network, thereby securing the network. 

Gas / Approximate Dollars
20 / $15
35 / $25
50 / $40
65 / $50

Minting on the Polygon (AKA Matic) network is not supported right now but will be available in the near future though we do not have an ETA. We anticipate that this will drastically cut down on the fees associated with minting. Note that Polygon is a different network on the Metamask wallet.

Minting your Yat

There are three dots in the upper right-hand corner on your Yat Dashboard, next to your Yat's links. Clicking on the three dots opens a drop-down menu that allows you to transfer or mint your Yat. Click on "Mint this Yat" and a window will open asking you to link your MetaMask wallet to Yat (if you have not yet) or log in and confirm that your MetaMask wallet is connected and you are ready to continue.

You can now name the digital asset that you are creating, and you will be required to check an "Are you Sure" box to continue. Make sure that your name is descriptive and that you are sure of the name. Much like your visualization, you cannot change your NFT's name once it has been inputed.

Once you have selected your digital assets name and confirmed it, you can click "Mint my Yat." This will open your Metamask wallet and show you the cost in dollars associated with minting.
You can adjust the amount of Gas used by clicking "EDIT," but if you adjust it too low, it is possible your Yat will not get minted for a long time and may even fail.

PLEASE NOTE: Your transaction needs to be minted within 10 minutes, or else it may fail. If it fails, the gas fees you spent will be lost, and Yat will not be able to refund you. Keep this in mind when setting your Gas amount.

Clicking "Reject" at this point will return you to your Yat Dashboard without minting. Click "Confirm" to agree to pay the Gas cost. If you confirm and your Gas fee is high enough this step should be quick. 

You will see the message below as the process of minting is taking place.

Next, you will see a confirmation message, and you will get an email confirmation sent to your address on file. 

Sell Your Asset

After the minting is complete, you will be able to see your new digital asset on OpenSea. It can be easily listed there for sale. The Seller's screen looks like this.

OpenSea fees:

There are some minor fees that will be deducted from your sale only once it is finalized, so you should take these costs into account when you are pricing your Yat asset.

Those fees are as follows:

3.5% of the sale price will go to Yat
2.5% of the sale price will go to OpenSea

Your total will be 94% of the sale.

Please note that these fees are separate from any Minting gas fees.

To learn more about Metamask, please check out our support article on Metamask here