How do I add Yats acquired on Opensea into my Yat account?

We’re excited to announce that you can now bring your minted Yats home to the dashboard. We’re calling the feature Yat Sync. 

To associate and connect a new wallet, the steps below can be followed:

1) Click on your profile icon dropdown menu in the top right corner 

2) Select 'Connect NFT wallet

3) Log in to the MetaMask wallet you would like to connect

4) Click the "Sync MetaMask Wallet" button and connect your account - this should happen quickly! 

Please note if you're not logged into your metamask account, the process will not work.

5)  Connect your Opensea wallet with your MetaMask wallet 

Once you've signed and approved Yat's request to sync with your MetaMask, all your acquired Yats will be synced to your Yat Dashboard. 

Please note: We only support syncs with MetaMask for now, support for other wallets will be added in future releases.