Yat ownership questions

Can I own more than one Yat?

Yes. There’s no limit to the number of Yats you can create. One of our core ideas is identity liquidity: where people can have multiple identities if they wish. 


What is the maximum length of a Yat?

Yats can be a maximum of five emojis. Currently, only three, four and five emoji Yats are available for sale. If you are interested in a one or two emoji Yat, please fill out this form: https://emojis.y.at/yat-request.


How long do I own my Yat after I buy it?

When you buy a Yat, you own it forever.


Why Yat? I can already use emojis in an ENS domain.

ENS is great, but it has no limit on what can be registered. This will result in a nightmare for emoji ENS owners with regard to phishing attacks.

Yat takes this into account and has special handling for skin tones, red heart colors, and much more. Yats can also be used for self-expression where ENS cannot.

Additionally, ENS is a less-than-ideal user experience for non-crypto users. Yat is built for everyone on Earth, not just crypto folks. For ENS to actually do what Yat does, it needs to be re-written from scratch.