Purchasing Yats through crypto

I made a payment with crypto close to the timer running out but the Yats aren’t in my account?

We have a known issue that we are working to resolve. In the meantime, if this happens to you, just send a message to support@y.at as soon as possible and we’ll get you your Yats.

Don't worry, we promise you won't lose money if this happened to you.


Can I make a payment that is partially crypto and the rest on a credit card?

No, we only accept a single payment method for each transaction at this time. So you can pay for your cart with either Apple/Google Pay, credit card, or cryptocurrency, but you can’t check out with both at the same time.


I received an email or direct message trying to sell me a Yat with crypto, what’s that about?

We will never email or direct message you asking for crypto. All crypto sales are done through Coinbase Commerce on our website or through a generated invoice directly with our sales department. Please be vigilant and aware of scammers. Never send crypto based on an unsolicited email or message from someone claiming to be from Yat Labs.


I accidentally didn’t send enough crypto, what should I do?

Just try again with the correct amount of crypto, and the Yats can still be yours immediately. You won’t lose any money -- our customer support team is automatically notified when a payment is rejected and will reach out to you within 24 hours to refund your initial payment. In the meantime, feel free to write us at support@y.at with the payment address you wish to be refunded at, which must be the same currency used for the original transaction.


I accidentally sent too much crypto, what should I do?

Don’t worry, you’ll get your Yats immediately but you won’t lose the extra money! If you accidentally send us way too much, we’ll give you back the difference in Yat Credits you can use toward future purchases within 3 months of being issued. Our customer support team is automatically notified of any large overpayments and will reach out to you within 24 hours with your credit amount and instructions on how to use it. Please contact customer support at support@y.at from the email address linked to your Yat account if you don’t hear from us within 24 hours!


Will you support payments from other cryptocurrencies in the future?

There are no immediate plans for supporting additional cryptocurrencies at this time, though we will continue evaluating our options and keep you updated.


Will Yats work with other chains such as BSC?

Eventually. Yat minting will ultimately be possible on any EVM-compatible chain.