What is the Magic Mirror and why was It created?

Birth of the Magic Mirror

Thousands of years ago, The Hippogriff wished to create an object that could empower people to spread their knowledge and stories throughout the universe. And so he harvested the multi-dimensional metals from a far-out nebula and forged The Magic Mirror. While ordinary mirrors offer only a flat reflection of the present, The Magic Mirror’s infinite fractal composition bends space and time to reflect on one’s past. In turn, those who gaze into its layered structure see a moment of their past and feats realized in the form of a precious Gem.


For centuries, Gems were distributed throughout the universe to spread knowledge. Communities thrived from stories and truths shared, and the universe entered a period of great peace and prosperity permeated with light. But with light also comes dark.

So great were the Gems’ powers that holders were consumed by a paranoid fear. Under the guise of Gem protection, armies swelled in size, and intergalactic borders became entrenched with conflict. Violence spread like a plague from one-star system to the next. 

As conflict saturated the universe, The Magic Mirror was overtaken by an internal noise that clouded its entire structure and forced its powers into a cold dormancy.  As dozens of armies closed in on the mirror’s location, The Hippogriff conjured a wormhole and escaped with The Magic Mirror in their claw. 

The Hippogriff had hoped The Magic Mirror would empower and lift all communities together. At this point in history that wasn’t the case. Would the world ever be ready for the Magic Mirror and its wondrous Gems? Midflight, The Hippogriff was struck by a comet and the Magic Mirror escaped its grasp and tumbled into the vast darkness of space.

The Return

Many centuries later, the unlikeliest of events came to pass. The great Medici family, patrons of fine art for centuries, discovered the Magic Mirror in a shooting star that passed by one of their villas.  

As Cozomo wiped away layers of stardust, The Magic Mirror emitted a pulse of light that pierced the furthest corners of the universe.  “Ah,” he said, “this is a wonderful piece for my collection.” 

Far away in the Yativerse, the Hippogriff sensed the Mirror’s energy and launched a search party. The Mirror was close, and he had never forgotten what it meant to him, and the wonderful Gems it could offer the world. A new era had finally come. The world was finally ready for the Magic Mirror, and its Gems. 

Now, the Magic Mirror rises again with powers more fitting for this new era. No longer operating in the physical realm, The Magic Mirror now crafts Gems in the form of digital assets that celebrate the brave and the fierce. Are you worthy of a Gem anon?