Yat pricing and payment methods

What payment methods do you accept/Can I pay with crypto?

To purchase your Yat, you have two main options: with a credit card or with crypto.

With credit cards, we accept Visa and MasterCard (or debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo).

With crypto, we accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC (ERC-20 only).


Why can't Yats be free?

Companies that give away products for free often have to:

By not giving away Yats, we are able to avoid these things both now and over time. 


What's the most expensive Yat?

The most expensive Yats are single emoji Yats. The price of these are determined by the market over time.

The current highest price that has been paid was $425k USD for the single emoji golden key 🔑 Yat at our Destiny event.


Are there any active promo codes?

There are no promo codes currently. We try to avoid things like promo and discount codes, as we believe that it devalues our product. 


Can I Get a Refund for my Yat?

Per Section 4 of our Terms of Service, Yat purchases are all final and cannot be refunded, returned, or exchanged for any reason.

If you find that you have purchased a Yat which you no longer want, you can sell it either from person-to-person in the "Trading Floor" in our Discord Server or by Visualizing and Minting it into a digital asset and selling it on OpenSea.


Will the price of a Yat ever change?

Yes. The price of a Yat is tied to its rhythm score (RS). Because our rhythm score model can change, the price of a Yat can too. Keep in mind, once you buy a Yat, its rhythm score never changes.