Why Yat?

A Yat is an aesthetically pleasing emoji string that you can use for various different purposes.

It's nearly impossible to have a universal identity on the internet today. Every platform requires you to select a username that isn't taken yet by millions, and sometimes tens of millions of other users, lowering the odds of getting the perfect username that expresses who you are. This leaves you with fewer options, often forcing you to settle for a username that doesn't represent who you are or leave you feeling satisfied with your choice. As a result of the very high number of users and user ability to create multiple accounts, the best user names go extremely fast.

Usernames do not accomplish the job of ideal, compact self-expression for a vast majority of users. Pictures, or emojis, can often express a thousand words. You can communicate far more ideas with fewer characters with a Yat than you will ever be able to with text characters, allowing for deeper self-expression. The emojis you choose in your Yat tell a story about who you are. 


This deeper and simple level of self-expression provides a unique opportunity to present your identity across the web.