What is a Primary Yat?

A Primary Yat is the Yat that is linked to your new Yat Profile backed with features like Liquid ID, NFT support, Wishlist support, and more. Currently, we only support users to maintain 1 Profile, however, they can own any number of Yats. 

All non-primary Yats will be hooked up with the simpler version of the Yat Page. This is also called, Yat Page v1. Early 2024 also brings in a massive upgrade to all your Yat Pages, where you will be able to view them all as the updated Yat Page v2 aka your latest Yat Profile with the whole suite of latest features.   

To create simple Yat Pages with any of your non-primary Yats:

Here's what the Yat Page v1 looks like:

Default settings: