Is there a marketplace for trading Yats?

A Yat’s Generation indicates the time period in which it was created. Generation starts with Zero. Every Yat created before the public launch of Yat is a Generation Zero Yat. 

Every Yat created after the public launch is a Generation One Yat, and over time the Generation numbers will increment.

Generation is important because it enables everyone in the Yat community to know how long a Yat has existed. And it's a way to celebrate you, our earliest users and community members.

Each Yat is occupied by a Generation badge to honor the timing of your Yat purchase and the respective generation. 

Generation Zero launched in February 2021 with the initial availability of Yat. You can learn more about it here.

Generation One launched on July 30, 2021 during the Yat Horizon event. You can watch the event here.