Yat Artifacts FAQ

Benefits of holding your Yat Artifact or keeping it sealed?

Congratulations on keeping your Artifact sealed! They’re some of the most powerful and potent items within the Yativerse. Know and trust that your patience will be rewarded.

We understand that anticipation is high. However, the Hippogriff has yet to reveal the full plan for illustrious Artifact owners, so the true extent of the powers remains a mystery.

You can learn more about the Yat artifacts here.


Can I still purchase an Artifact from Yat?

Unfortunately, no.

Yat sold Artifacts such as the Prism Case, Prism Keys, Celestial Rose, and Cloud Seeds for a limited time only. You can learn more about the Yat artifacts here.

Your best bet is to purchase one on OpenSea!


How to mint your Artifact?

You can mint your Artifacts using the Ethereum Mainnet via MetaMask. 

Please note that you may lose future fees if you mint using a chain or token other than Ethereum. 

How to mint your Artifact:

After minting, you’ll see a link to view your Artifact on OpenSea. No need to worry if it doesn’t show up right away. It can take a few minutes for the metadata to appear. Wait a bit, then refresh your browser.  


Transfer Artifacts directly without minting?

Sorry, at the moment, we don't support the direct transfer of Artifacts via the Yat website. To transfer an Artifact, you must mint it and send it from your MetaMask wallet directly to the recipient's wallet.


Import Artifacts brought on Opensea?

To import Yats or Artifacts, you need to sync your MetaMask wallet with your Yat account.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Go to your Yat dashboard and hit the profile icon on the top right

2. Tap or click “Connect NFT Wallet,” which should automatically open your MetaMask wallet. If MetaMask doesn’t appear, and you’re on a computer, navigate to your browser extensions and open it manually. If you do not have the Metamask browser extension installed, install it first on a supported browser.

3.    Accept “Sign a Transaction” when prompted by MetaMask. This is how you prove ownership of the wallet. 

Once you’ve verified ownership, you should see a success message that your Artifacts have synced. You can view your Artifacts at https://y.at/artifacts immediately after importing them.