How to add your Yat to socials?

How Do I Make My Yat Work on Instagram?

Instagram doesn't much like emojis. It's pretty annoying. Their form validation for bio links doesn't support Unicode standard emojis. How very 2010.

We've submitted a bug ticket to them, but we don't currently have an ETA on when they may address it.

While Instagram doesn't like emojis in links, you can copy the Instagram-friendly link from your Yat dashboard, which works in the website field.


How to add a link to Your Twitter profile or a Twitter Post?

On the sidebar menu of your dashboard, navigate to the settings dropdown and select the 'Yats' option.

This will lead you to the Yativerse section where you can see all of your Yats. Click on the Yat for which you want the Twitter/Instagram-friendly link.

Hover your cursor over the link icon, this will open a dropdown with a few link options - 

Why do my emojis appear different on Twitter or other platforms?

Various platforms handle and support Unicode differently. Certain emojis may not appear exactly the same due to how the platform renders their emojis.

Some platforms have custom link formats like Twitter for ex the vision here is that as Yats expand in use, platforms will do a better job of supporting emoji URLs. Emojis are a core part of Unicode so there is really no excuse for the mediocre support.

We have submitted bug reports to Twitter and a few other platforms, but there is currently no ETA on a fix.