I transferred my Yat to new wallet and it disappeared from dashboard

If you minted your Yats and then moved them from your original MetaMask wallet to a different one (either with MetaMask or a third party one, whether out of preference or a desire for security), then you may have found that your Yats have disappeared out of your Yat dashboard.

The way that our system is set up is that once a Yat is minted and goes onto the Ethereum blockchain, the presence of the Yat within your MetaMask wallet is how we keep track of it within your Dashboard.

If it gets moved out of that particular wallet, it's an indication that the Yat has been sold or transferred to another party and thus doesn't belong in that particular Yat Dashboard anymore, and so is therefore removed.

We are working on some tools to refine all of this, however for now it is how things work.

You have a few choices to make at this juncture! If you would like access to your Yats in order to have their functionality returned to them in their Dashboards, options 1 and 2 are of particular importance: