Yat minting troubleshooting

Why is minting taking so long?

If you have Visualized your Yat specifically so that you can then Mint it into an NFT, you may have a delay of between 10 and 20 minutes while our system does some additional processing on the back end.

You do not need to keep your browser open while this is running. Feel free to grab a coffee or maybe even plan your next Yat while you wait!


General problems with Visualizing and minting

We have had some folks run into some issues with Minting their Yats.

There are some workarounds that have worked in some cases. Go ahead and give these a try, but we definitely still want to hear that you're having issues, so please don't hesitate to reach out via our Contact Form and let us know (make sure you include your Yat and whether or not you're still experiencing the problem!)

See No Evil Monkey Error Page

If you are getting this error, it can result from a couple of different errors.

First, if you have bought your Yat with cryptocurrency, certain payments have caused errors. We have a help article here on the topic. 

Another possibility is that sometimes there can be a bad connection between MetaMask and Yat. To try and fix this, do the following:

"Something went wrong" Popup Error message

This is a different error from the "See No Evil" monkey. It's just a little popup that can appear on your screen when you try and either visualize or mint your Yat. Usually, this is an issue with a stale cookie or some bad cached data.

Usually, the best fix here is for you to close your browser entirely, clear your cache, and then log back into Yat. You should then be able to complete what you were looking to do!

My Yat doesn't appear on OpenSea! What can I do to fix it?

Sometimes the metadata is not fully updated on Opensea's side. This will cause the floating Yat crystal to appear rather than your visualized Yats.

To solve, simply update the metadata on Opensea by clicking the button the red arrow points to. Follow this by updating your browser. Please note that the visualized Yat may not appear for a few hours after this process. If you continue running into problems, please reach out to support@y.at

What am I selling when I put my Yat on OpenSea?

When you place your Yat for sale as an NFT on OpenSea, it's important to remember that you are not just selling the Visualized art that you created through the Visualizer tool, but you are also selling the Yat itself.

If you Visualize and Mint your Yat into an NFT, place it for sale on OpenSea, and it then sells; you will receive the amount that you set as the sale price in ETH (minus the 6% in fees that OpenSea and Yat charges as well as any gas fees), but you will lose the Yat in return. It will leave your Yat account, and you will no longer have access to it or any legal right to use that string of emojis.

If you have recently bought a Yat on OpenSea and would like to know how to get it into your Yat Dashboard, we have some help for you as well!


Revisualize or rename a Yat purchased on OpenSea?

If you have purchased a Yat on OpenSea, you may want to change the Visualization that was completed by the previous owner of that Yat.

If so, you will first need to complete the steps required to get that Yat into your own account laid out right here.

Once the new Yat is in your account:

Please Note: Unlike before you Mint for the first time, after a Yat has been minted, you will only have the opportunity to Revisualize your Yat once, so make sure that you are happy with your choices!

Now you can also choose to rename your Yat if you like by clicking on the 'Rename Yat' button.

If you click the "Rename my Yat" button, you will be taken to the "rename" module, wherein you will be prompted to provide a new name for your asset, which will be published to OpenSea along with your new Visualization.

Please Note: Along with your revisualization, this name change is permanent and cannot be changed. Please choose the name of your asset carefully!