What if I transfer/mint my Primary Yat?

When you make any Yat (excluding your Free Yat) a Primary Yat, there are certain functions that you can and cannot do. 

Other than your Free Yat, when you make another Yat a Primary Yat, you can still perform functions with them:

In such cases, we will default to making your Free yat your new Primary Yat. Of course, you can still easily change this or make any other Yat your primary Yat instead. 

Why can't I redirect my Primary Yat?

When a Yat is your Primary Yat, you will not be able to use the redirect feature. This is because your Primary Yat is linked with your default Yat profile. You can redirect any or all of your paid Yats, if you simply switch your Primary Yat to the free Yat instead.