What are Gems?

Gems are NFTs (ERC-1155s) that are created to celebrate the defining moments for the bravest of souls who are participating in our Web 3 revolution. Each Gem is a celebration of a remarkable event in NFT or DeFi history that propelled our space forward. Gems tell a story that would otherwise remain hidden or lost in an endless stream of on-chain transaction data.  Gems elevate these on-chain stories through the universal language of emoji. 

Physical representations of stories can be destroyed and manipulated. Stories themselves may be altered as they are passed down from one generation to the next. Gems withstand the passing of time and will carry your story forward for eternity.  In the form of a digital asset, your on-chain achievements will transcend time.  

And soon you will be able to share the Gems you’ve earned or acquired in the most beautiful way imaginable on The New Yat.